Tolkien’s Bestiary

9th annual Tolkien in Vermont conference at UVM

April 13 – 15, 2012

Undergraduate voices

members of Chris Vaccaro’s Tolkien-related classes • University of Vermont

Forth Eorlingas: Horses and Ponies in The Lord of the Rings

Martha Monsson • independent scholar


The Many Faces of Trolls in Middle-earth

Andrew C. Peterson • Harvard ’14

From Goblins to the Valraukar: Scourges of Fire and Demons of Terror

Dr. Matt Dickerson • Professor of Computer Science • Middlebury College

What To Do with Tolkien’s Orcs

(roundtable discussion)

Tolkien’s Non-allegorical Bestiary

Dr. Jonathan Evans • Associate Professor of English • University of Georgia

Mammoths, Mûmakil, and ‘The Old Fireside Rhyme of Oliphaunt’: Tolkien’s Contributions to the Medieval Bestiary Tradition

Dr. Marc Zender • Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology • Tulane University

A Creature of an Older World: Tolkien and the Mythology of the Prehistoric

Dr. Kristine Larsen • Professor of Physics and Astronomy • Central Connecticut State University

A Boy and His Dog

Gerry Blair • independent scholar

Tolkien and the Codification of Non-human Beings

Dr. Jamie Williamson • Senior Lecturer • University of Vermont

Sunday Springle-ring 2012

Organized and hosted by the Tolkien Club of UVM