Nature and the Environment in Tolkien’s Middle-earth

8th annual Tolkien in Vermont conference at UVM

April 8 – 9, 2011

“And the Stars Were Hidden”: Middle-earth as a Canary in the Light Pollution Mine

Dr. Kristine Larsen • Professor of Physics and Astronomy • Central Connecticut State University

“Sheep get like shepherds, and shepherds get like sheep, it is said”: Environment, Rhizomes, and the Map in The Lord of the Rings

Andrew Hallam • affiliate faculty • Metropolitan State University of Denver

Tolkien’s Painterly Style: Descriptions of Nature in The Lord of the Rings

Dr. Anna Smol • Professor of English • Mount Saint Vincent University

Dr. Jeff Macleod • Associate Professor and Chair, Co-ordinator, Public Policy Studies • Mount Saint Vincent University

Divine Intervention and Its Influences on Nature and the Shaping of Middle-earth

Gerry Blair • independent scholar

Waterboards and Dark Stanic Mills: Social and Environmental Justice in the Wars of Middle-earth

Dr. Matt Dickerson • Professor of Computer Science • Middlebury College

Craftwomen and Imitation Men

Martha Monsson • independent scholar

The Resurrection of Glorfindel, the Stella Maris, and the Cross-roads

Evan Bassler • Baylor University ’11

The New Agrarianism and the Economics of the Shire

Jonathan Evans • Associate Professor of English • University of Georgia

Ithilien’s Environmental History: Garden, Battlefield, Nature Reserve

Theresa Marie Russ • Early Modern Center Graduate Fellow • University of California, Santa Barbara

Sunday Springle-ring 2011

Organized and hosted by the Tolkien Club of UVM